About The Team

The team have enjoyed putting this venture together and hope you will find your Simpleslice Guide a very useful friend over the years.


Now retired from IBM, the designer - Beverley based David Preston - has had a long association with advanced engineering design and production methods. He has published many papers on CIM - Computer Integrated Manufacturing. He is a strong advocate of in depth problem analysis before designing a solution. The Simpleslice cutting guide builds versatility, stability and reliability in while taking complexity and cost out. The use of advanced technology machinery has avoided the need to seek cheaper overseas labour and we have been able to keep the entire design, tool making, and the manufacturing and assembly process in the UK. Click to watch his tutorial video.

Production engineering

Paragon Precision OfficesPaul Astrop, the Managing Director of Hull based Paragon Precision Limited translated initial drawings into CAD/CAM files to interface directly with their very advanced manufacturing equipment capable of 'lights out' unattended operation. His suggested modifications were implemented and take advantage of their computer controlled laser cutting and bending machinery en route to their powder coating finishing installation. Link: www.paragonprecision.co.uk

Fulfilment by Amazon – FBA

Amazon (FBA) provide a comprehensive service including storage, picking, final packing and shipping individual orders to customers. Inventory Management, Accounting and multiple performance reports are available to us at a keystroke. An invaluable service allowing us to get on with what we are good at in the knowledge that the administrative and customer service functions are secure and efficient with Amazon.

Contact & Support

If you ever need to contact Amazon they are available at www.amazon.co.uk/contactus.


Thank you for your time and attention. We hope you enjoy your Simpleslice as much as we have enjoyed putting it all together. Happy Baking.