Let’s talk Bread Knives

If your present knife does the job with ease – fine. There were no bad knifes in our tests but some really were not suited to the minimum needs of the unique guide slot design. For example a maximum thickness of 2.5mm – 1/10 inch along the entire length of the blade. Some get thicker near the handle and can distort the slots. Some handles are like hammers etc. Our recommendation, now or when you want to change your knife is the Kuhn-Rikon Bread/Baguette 40.5cm long Knife. Why?

  • It is supremely sharp and retains that over the years
  • It is Silicon Non Stick Coated and stays remarkably clean. Ours has never needed a dishwasher in five years
  • Above all it has a fitted Sheath which keeps you safe and means that it doesn’t have to fit in a drawer with other knives (and fingers!)
  • It stores in the Simpleslice Guide with the Bread Board so the full set is on hand together when you need it

We do not sell knives and not a penny changes hands with the manufacturer for this reference.

Your knife is the most important moving part

Only purpose designed Bread Knives should be used alongside a Simpleslice Bread Guide. For best results, your knife blade should be:

  • Sharp
  • Scalloped (to ensure no damage to slots)
  • Long
  • Less than 2.5mm (1/10”) thick
  • Non-stick coated

The Kuhn Rikon example in our demonstration video is ideal. Conveniently, it also has a removable blade guard which allows it to store safely in the Simpleslice channel.
We do not sell knives but below is the link to the Kuhn Rikon which we have tested and works well. Scalloped blades are ground to cut into the crust and continue without tearing the bread.

Kuhn Rikon Bread Knife
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