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Background Information

Having studied just about every review of bread slicing guides, including examination of International Patent Applications, the Simpleslice design brief was simply to ‘Accentuate the Positive — Eliminate the Negative’. The new product had to be Stable, Safe, Versatile, Simple & Robust.

Main points

  • Horizontal guides offer unlimited versatility and a basic choice of three slice thicknesses.
  • Superb Stability
  • Safety hand and finger rest
  • Precision engineered from one piece of steel with no moving parts
  • Stores vertically to save worktop space
  • Suitable for all baked breads without shape or size limitations
  • Included dishwasher safe Bread Board
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK


Fundamental to safe controlled slicing, we have been able to provide vice like stability primarily by providing two unique work top edge stops to prevent the Simpleslice moving away from you as you cut. These are backed up by four non-slip polypropylene feet to prevent sideways movement in use.


Given that stability we went one step further and designed a hand or finger rest, for right or left handed use, to keep your hand away from the cutting blade.

Simple & Robust

Using advanced manufacturing processes we were able to design the Simpleslice as a one piece, laser cut steel blank. This is then formed by computer controlled machines capable of unattended operation.
The final finishing operation is in applying a non toxic heat treated abrasion resistant powder coated surface. A very simple, easy to clean product with no moving parts to wear out or trap food particles.
The removable Bread Board, tailored to fit the Simpleslice channel, is made of food quality polypropylene and is dishwasher safe.


The Horizontal Bread Slicing Guide.
Stable, Safe and Versatile.
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We found that almost all available guides had focused on slicing home machine baked loaves. The majority were tailored to the relatively narrow dimensions of the machines. Almost all used a vertical slicing motion with or without end stops for the bread.
Our design conclusion was to move to horizontal guides in a wide open ended channel.


At a stroke this gives you the ability to slice all baked goods unlimited by shape or size. Thus bagels, panini, submarine rolls, long French sticks, oversized bloomer loaves, and all home baked and Artisan breads can be sliced easily in the Simpleslice channel.

Written Instructions

Customers have found it very useful to watch the instructional video at the top of this page, however, if you would prefer to read written instrutions on how to cut all tall, round and oversized loaves with the Simpleslice bread slicing guide, you will find them on our gallery page by clicking here.

Your knife is the most important moving part

Only purpose designed Bread Knives should be used alongside a Simpleslice Bread Guide. For best results, your knife blade should be:

  • Sharp
  • Scalloped (to ensure no damage to slots)
  • Long
  • Less than 2.5mm (1/10”) thick
  • Non-stick coated

The Kuhn Rikon example in our demonstration video is ideal. Conveniently, it also has a removable blade guard which allows it to store safely in the Simpleslice channel.
We do not sell knives but below is the link to the Kuhn Rikon which we have tested and works well. Scalloped blades are ground to cut into the crust and continue without tearing the bread.

Kuhn Rikon Bread Knife
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